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Bring life to your project!


Brandon Bowden has voiced hundreds of projects and has a passion for bringing life to whatever it is you may need!  He's worked with brands like Zuru, Dickel Whisky, End of the Roll Canada and More!

Brandon's energetic, confident, friendly personality will no doubt help you stand out amongst the crowd!

Working out of his professional home studio in the Greater Toronto Area, he's ready to work with you on your big next idea!


About Brandon

Brandon took an early interest in voiceover and now with over 7 years of experience in radio and broadcasting, he decided to start his own business in 2020 with a wide variety of voice acting. 

Now as a full time voice actor, Brandon has voiced hundreds of videos on Youtube with topics ranging from space travel, pop culture, as well as animation projects. Some big projects Brandon has worked on include: the English voice of Youtube personality Detective Void, various characters on the Smashers World channel and Axel on Akedo: Ultimate Arcade Warriors.

With years of experience and a variety of work to be offered, Brandon can't wait to start his next project!







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